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Why are you called Esperanza?

Esperanza means hope and expectation and that’s how we feel when we shop. It is also the name of a pirate shipwreck full of hidden treasure, and hidden treasure is exactly what you find when you shop local!

How does shopping online help to save the high street?

Our primary aim is to get people shopping on the high street, BUT we know that shopping on the high street is not accessible for everybody. We want everybody to be able to discover small businesses.

Also, a lot of high street businesses could benefit from selling online as they can reach a wider audience.

We believe in choice which is why our shops can choose how they would like to sell.

How did you come up with the idea of Esperanza?

When driving past a charity shop with lots of baby products outside, we discussed how we would love to shop more from charity shops, especially when we have children. Our problem was that we didn’t have the time to search them all to find what we were looking for.

If only there was a way to browse what they had for sale online before we visit.

This is how Esperanza was born.

I have an issue with an item I have purchased through Esperanza

The contract between retailer and customer is with you and the store you purchase from. Esperanza is purely the platform retailers can use to advertise their stores.

If you have a complaint about a store which you believe needs our attention, please contact us here.