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Reusable Pads – Your Reviews

Periods. So many of us have them, and yet we still don’t talk about them enough. We asked our followers if they felt in control of their periods, and 100% of them said ‘No’! They are also a source of monthly guilt for many of us who are concerned with the amount of waste produced each cycle.

Luckily, reusable sanitary pads are becoming easier to find. The designs are becoming increasingly more impressive, with different fabric options, colourful patterns, and even clever storage bags.

We asked two users of reusables to write a review for us of their preferred brand, with some fantastic advice for those who are looking to make the switch!

Charly Newton reviewing Earthwise Girls

Charlys Bio:
Pre and Postnatal Fitness Instructor
Website Facebook Instagram

Earthwise Girls:
Website Instagram

I’ve been using reusable products for around 6 years now, I’m on a journey to zero waste and I try to make a change each time I run out of something. I started with a cup at Uni then switched to pads after the birth of my son. After trying a few brands decided Earthwise ones are my favourite.

There are 3 sizes to choose from:
Small Pads – for light flow / panty liner usage – 7″ long x 2.5-3″ wide when closed.
Medium Pads – for regular flow – 7.5″ long x 2.5-3″ wide when closed.
Long Pads – for heavy flow – 10.5″ long x 2.75-3″ wide when closed.

I have a selection of each, and they’ve probably had equal use… small ones were used more in the months after birth when my pelvic floor needed some more work! The long pads were ace for those weeks after my son was born and great for night-time (or days you don’t want to get out of bed!) And since the return of my period medium are great during the day.

The pads use poppers to fasten round your pants and have 2 width settings so you can adjust to your preference. They’re pretty secure, I’m a fitness instructor and I have more confidence in these than disposable pads. They’re pretty great for absorbance too, my periods are quite heavy, and I’ve had the occasional leak if I’ve been caught short but far fewer than I get with disposables.

They wash really well and need a prewash from new to help with absorbency, but they come with an instruction card and you can always check the website if you lose it. Stains come out with no problems and you can always leave them in the sunshine for a bit if there is a stubborn bit. They dry really quickly too, I just peg them up on the line and I’ve never had to reshape them.

A starter pack costs £19.95 and comes with 1x long, 2x medium and 1x small with a matching wet bag. You can also buy a £12-£15 bundle of 3 in either small, medium, large or mixed. When you buy one of these bundles a pad is also donated to an orphaned girl in Kenya through the Nasio trust.

Individually, the prices are £4 small, £4.50 medium, or £5 large.
They’ve just released a new pattern; it may have fallen into my basket while I was checking prices!
You get a wash bag with the starter bundle or you can buy them separately for £5.95 I use two when out and about, one to keep clean ones clean and one for wet ones to keep everything else clean!

My advice for newbies:
It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options or changes you could make. I find picking one change at a time has been the best policy, I think I started with taking a coffee cup and water bottle to Uni, then added the switch to a menstrual cup. Look at what you buy, how soon will it run out, what could you replace it with? There are lots of groups and blogs with resources to help you 😊

Price *****
Range *****
Fit *****
Absorbency *****
Washability *****

Alex Arnold reviewing Bloom and Nora

Alex’s Bio:
Hospital Admin Assistant, Dorset.

Bloom and Nora:
Website Instagram

Hi I’m Alex.

Before I discovered Bloom and Nora I would struggle with uncomfortable periods. I have quite sensitive skin down there and could never find a sanitary towel that wouldn’t leave me with a rash. This also made me conscious of what I was putting next to my skin in such a precious area.

I Googled reusable sanitary towels and was instantly drawn to Bloom and Nora in the search results.
I explored their website and was fascinated when learning about the products. Bloom and Nora use recycled plastic (2 plastic bottles per trial kit!) to make the important waterproof layer that prevents leeks and the materials they use are guaranteed to use no harmful chemicals.

There were no second thoughts and I soon had a set of 3 ‘Bloomers’ (midi) in my basket for £16.49!

There are lots of different shapes sizes colours and absorbencies to choose from. Single pads are available from £4.99 each or there are choices of bundle packs.  You can also choose between ‘Bloomers’ and ‘Noras’ the two different fabric options depending on your preference for a sensitive fabric or a whiter wash.

I chose a set of 3 ‘Bloomers’ and was instantly looking forward to my next period so I could try them out – how often do you get to say you are looking forward to your period?!

When my pads arrived, they came with washing instructions that even I could understand: Simply rinse the pad under cold water when used and store damp in one of the marvellous bathroom bags. Wash within 48 hours (the sooner the better) in non-bio washing liquid with no harsh softeners or stain removers and wash below 40 degrees. I was so impressed with how well they wash that I actually use no laundry products and still have amazing results every time!

Bloom and Nora also have a couple of styles of wash bags to store your pads before they make it to the wash. I went for an ‘Out And About’ bag but they also have the larger ‘Bathroom Bag’ with a handy strap. I find the ‘Out And About’ bag perfect for taking to work. It fits just lovey in a pocket for the journey to the loo and has two sides: One for your clean pad, and one for your used pad. The bags are lined with a waterproof layer and sealed with a zip. Both bags can be washed with your pads which is super handy!

The bags are available either on their own or as part of a bundle. The ‘Out And About’ bag is £4.99 and the ‘Bathroom Bag’ is £8.99.

Using a reusable sanitary product gives me a great sense of helping the planet. Considering 10 million tampons and sanitary pads are thrown away to landfill each day, I like to think I am saving the planet one period at a time!

Price *****
Range *****
Fit *****
Absorbency *****
Washability *****