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Seller Terms


We do not tolerate any form of hate speech, discrimination, or abuse on our platform.



Sellers agree to resolve all disputes with buyers directly. Esperanza have the power to ‘step in’ and remove any shop or seller profile if we believe them to be acting against our policies.

When sellers sign up to Esperanza, they agree to uphold all retail laws and accept all liability for what they are selling.

Sellers must be honest and clear with their listings.

Dangerous items, alcohol sales and illegal items are not permitted on our platform.

The sale of livestock or animals is not permitted.

We do not accept sellers who are selling from an MLM business.

When listing an item, sellers agree that they have the right to sell the product.

When a sale is made on Esperanza, vendors will receive a sale confirmation email and a commission confirmation email – see fees section.

We are a platform for UK businesses and charity shops only.

Buyers have 30 days from day of sale to request a refund. It is the responsibility of the vendor to process all returns.


To sell on Esperanza, vendors must have a Stripe account. For information on connecting your Stripe account to Esperanza please contact

When taking payment online, Stripe charges vendors 1.4% + 20p for each transaction.

Esperanza charges 6% from each transaction.

In total a vendor will receive 92.6% – 20p of their total sale cost.

Payment should be immediate, but please allow 24 hours.

If you are a charity shop, please contact us at for a reduction on our Esperanza selling fees.