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September is the month of the Eco Campaigner


If you vowed to become a more eco conscious shopper during lockdown buy your standards have slipped since getting ‘back to normal’ then September might be the month for you to discover a whole new world of sustainable shopping.
From today three campaigns are hoping to encourage shoppers to think about their shopping choices, so lets find out more..

Second Hand September – Oxfam

Oxfam are running their #secondhandseptember campaign again this year. For the 30 days of September, they are asking you to pledge to only shop second hand.
Shopping in Charity Shops for second hand clothing isn’t only great for the environment, but also for the people and animals that Charities support.
Do your bit this year by encouraging your local Charity Shop to create an Esperanza account so they can share their shop with a larger audience.

Soaptember – Handmade Hour & Emerald Grove Studio


Working together in collaboration for their first campaign, these Instagram heroes have created a fantastic campaign for #Soaptember.
Creating sharable graphics and educating us on the benefits of soap bar alternatives, we are sure this campaign will be a hit. Can you commit to switching to soap bars this month and reduce your bathrooms plastic use? Next time you finish a bottle, try making the switch and share your results with the #soaptember hashtag.

Organic September – Soil Association


Organic September is the Soil Associations campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of organic food and farming. There are many benefits to organic farming, from healthier food and farm animals to reducing the impact on the environment.
Try shopping organic this September and discover the health benefits for yourself as well as the world around you. Make sure to share your discoveries with the hashtag #OrganicSeptember.

Which campaign has caught your eye, and which will you be pledging to take part in this September? How about trying all 3 and see which changes you can keep up for the rest of the year?

Let’s Challenge Ourselves On Sustainability!

Let’s Challenge Ourselves On Sustainability!

Questions you could ask yourself now are: Are we using plastic which could be substituted for another material? Are we reusing packaging from our suppliers? Can we reduce waste by printing less? Are we shutting off machines which are not in use?

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Welcome To Esperanza!

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Welcome To Esperanza!

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