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We need our Beauticians

The beauty industry is largely female dominated. It’s clear from the now infamous comments from Boris Johnson that it is not an industry taken seriously by him and his team. The prolonged restrictions to Beauty Therapists work, whilst they watch Pubs and Restaurants open around them, is a feminist issue.

Beauty therapists are arguably the most prepared sector when it comes to PPE. It is standard practice for many beauty professionals to wear PPE during treatments, and the nature of the treatments require a clean and sanitary environment. In fact, it was the beauty industry who, to begin with, were donating PPE to the under supplied NHS.

Bubble writing: We need our hair and beauty salons, and the number for refuge 0808 2000 247
Put simply, here we can see a prime example of how a lack of representation within the people in power, funnels down to a misrepresentation of an underrepresented group.

As a female dominated workplace, and a service used largely by women, workers from the beauty and hairdressing industries have begun embarking on training schemes to spot the signs of domestic abuse in their clients.

This training would prove increasingly valuable now as during the pandemic, calls and visits to Refuge domestic violence website and hotline have increased. A visit to a salon could be a victims’ only time away from an abusive partner and therefore becomes more than simply a beauty treatment, but also a chance to seek support.

Aside from this, the financial impact on an industry which is largely self-employed has been huge with many workers finding themselves ineligible for government grants.

Are we experiencing modern day sexism from the government? Our short answer is yes.

What can you do to help your location Beautician? Buying gift cards is one way to get cash flowing for the beauty industry again. Think of it like this: “I’ll buy a gift card for my usual eyebrow wax when they open, then instead of paying for my eyebrow wax when its time, I’ll get myself a second treatment for the cost of the wax I’ve already covered!” Remember some Beauticians can provide some of their treatments now, so be sure to contact them to check!

Let’s Challenge Ourselves On Sustainability!

Let’s Challenge Ourselves On Sustainability!

Questions you could ask yourself now are: Are we using plastic which could be substituted for another material? Are we reusing packaging from our suppliers? Can we reduce waste by printing less? Are we shutting off machines which are not in use?

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Welcome To Esperanza!

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Welcome To Esperanza!

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Welcome To Esperanza! If you are not new here, you’ll notice our shiny new website as well as a few other changes. For those who are new, welcome. We are Emma and Abi creators of Esperanza. Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Welcome To The New...