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We Need To Clean Our Beaches

A young girl on the beach holding a selection of rubbish she has collected.

The 18-25th September is the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean. Although we can’t gather in large groups this year take part in the event, there is still a way for you and your local community to take part.

The MCS want you to organise small, local, distanced clean up events. As we’ve been enjoying our beaches whilst practicing social distancing this summer, it’s definitely possible to clean them safely too. In fact, now more than ever, beach cleaning is hugely important. Divers in France are already finding disposable masks, sanitiser bottles and disposable gloves on the seabed, and images of animals entangled in facemasks are already circulating online.

So how can you play your part this year? Organise your own beach clean with your household or social bubble. The Marine Conservation Society are asking volunteers to choose a 100m stretch of beach to clean with their family and friends. Keep yourself safe by wearing gloves if you are handling litter, and don’t approach dangerous water or rockfalls. Before planning a time and date for your beach clean, be sure to check the tide times and weather warnings as well as local Covid restrictions.

Remember to take pictures and share them online using the hashtag #GreatBritishBeachClean to encourage others to do their bit too!

Emma on the beach dragging a large piece of washed up fishing net.

Want to find more ways to keep your beach clean? Check out Terracycle’s beach plastic programme.

Or have a look at Plastic Pollution Solution for some awesome litter picking inspiration.

Let’s Challenge Ourselves On Sustainability!

Let’s Challenge Ourselves On Sustainability!

Questions you could ask yourself now are: Are we using plastic which could be substituted for another material? Are we reusing packaging from our suppliers? Can we reduce waste by printing less? Are we shutting off machines which are not in use?

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Welcome To Esperanza!

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